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Monday, September 7, 2009


so I attended a dinner-dance party last night & I just thought I'd have fun with my do & makeup.... I thought I'd rock the pompadour just for shits n' giggles... this is the inspiration for the hair, although it didn't turn out that high & that messy, I thought it wasn't bad for a first time...
here is a picture from the party with friends &/or cousins....

& here are a couple from when I got home... I was tryin to get the height of the poof but I guess I didn't capture that... also I will list the products I used for my makeup... I totally forgot the falsies!!! can you tell?? I was such in a hurry coz the momma-in-law was waiting for my ass to get done...
how I wish I had one of 'em bib necklaces like these:
OR atleast them big earrings like this one:

they would definitely look cute with this look & outfit...
the shoes that I wore that night... too bad I didn't have a picture of the whole outfit


  1. so beautiful jewelry, love them :)

  2. thanks! I just stole the pics from hehe... I visitied your blog & I love your designs as well... do you have any necklaces with black swarovski charm?


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