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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I saw a cheaper version of this at this clothing store in Las Vegas called Rhapsodielle.. they were like 20 something bucks.. I don't know why I didn't get it when we were there a couple of weeks ago... luckily my cousin, who lives in Vegas, who also introduced me to that awesome store, was able to get it for me... yay! I can't wait to get it... =)

 I think the brown ones are cuter but I already have a lot of shoes in brown... 
maybe I'll get the original JC when I get some moolahs!

need I say more???

I've been so into head wraps & headbands lately especially now that it's starting to get cold...

Makeup Eyeshadow Palette $12.99

Cotton Scarf Necklace $26

& finally... I am so inlove with this ring

Vintage Ring $10


  1. love , love your blog ~~~ great pictures and love that song

  2. Those JC platform heels are FIRE! I so want a pair but I don't think I'd rock it much. =[ better post some pics up when you get them.

    oh and yes girl, I saw the necklace at my forlove 21 over the weekend. It's not online though, so hopefully you find it at your store!

  3. hello there hun, new follower and I must say wow on all the nice pictures.. truly EYE CANDY for sure! love all the items you picked out!

    I invite you to my blog I hope you visit soon!

  4. Everything looks so nice! Great post! Following :)

  5. Great taste! I've been wanting that necklace too!


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