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Friday, July 15, 2011


Jeffrey Campbell Delilah 
Tan Leather Platform Wedge 
$146.00 from Lulu's

Angeles Nevaeh
Coral T-strap Platform Basket Wedges 
$33.00 from Lulu's

& as most of you may know, I am a sucker for cute, unique looking flat sandals, so when I saw this, I almost died!! "it's so fluffy I could die".. yeah just like that! LOL

GoMax Grecian 01
Taupe Brown Double-strap Gladiator 
$33.00 from Lulu's

isn't it gorj?!?

Altitude Adjustment
Navy Blue Maxi Dress
$41.00 still from Lulu's

& last but def not the least...

Strappy Lace Up Heel Sandals
$39.50 from Charlotte Russe

but of course they never have it in my size... but I'm not really that disappointed when I couldn't find it in my size coz I would rather have the same strappy style but in a flat sandals form... 

but I couldn't find one.. if any of you knows where I can get one with that same style but flat (no heels), please please please let me know?!?! & I would love you forever & ever... ;)

the closest I can find is this (again from Lulu's) but I really want it in the same strappy style as the above picture... 

oh & this.. 

did I get you droolin on these too???
what are your latest drool worthy items???


  1. those jefferey campbell wedges are soo goooooorgeous.

  2. I love everything, specially the pink wedges OMG they're sooo cute!


  3. Hey Annette, drop me an email with your mailing address and I'll get the brush in the mail to you this week! the-peach(at)

  4. i really want some of those products. i think jeffrey campbell makes amazing shoes!


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