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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I was at a friend's house last night & out of nowhere I felt like doin my nails... I just remembered about the brown lunch bag that's been in my purse for a few days now.... I got me a couple of OPI nail polishes that I completely forgot about... since I don't ever get the chance to do my nails anymore, I decided now is the time since we were just chillin, drinking wine, brandy & Red Horse... I know right?!? beer, wine & brandy??!?!!

anyhoo, this is my NOTD:

O.P.I. Suzi Loves Cowboys
(from the O.P.I. Texas Collection)

O.P.I. Suzi Loves Cowboys
Revlon No Chip Top Coat 

this is how it looks like with 3 coats of Suzi Loves Cowboys no base / top coat 
you can see all the ridges on my nails...

here's what it looks like with 4 coats of the nail polish (to cover the nicks & marks from last night.. =D) & top coat...

Suzi Loves Cowboy looks like a delicious melted chocolate brown.. in the pictures it looks yummy but not so much on the nails.. they look more like dark chocolate... as much as I love dark chocolate, I don't like it on my nails... this & Don't Mess With OPI are the only two shades from the Texas collection that caught my eye... but I didn't get Don't Mess With OPI coz I think it might be identical to Jade is the New Black which I already have.... if you have both, please let me know...

can you guess the other nail polish I got?? 



it looks like the galaxy... it's sooo purddyyyy
I actually used this to paint my toe nails & I like it! can't wait to try it on my finger nails....

I heard it's really hard to get a hold of but I got lucky there's a beauty store in my area that took my order & got it for me... 

I heard there are two versions of My Private Jet.... did I get the original version or the we-can't-make-anymore-of-the-original-but-it's-too-in-demand-that-we-should-make-a-different-version-and-sell-it-like-it's-the-same version??? LOL 

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  1. OPI neverrrrr fails me!!



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