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Friday, July 15, 2011


I have been addicted to makeup for as long as I can remember... I have bought tons & tons of makeup over the years.... I'd say mostly drugstore brands in the past which I didn't have a problem buying maybe because they are not as expensive as high end brands, discounts & BOGO free sales are also a big factor why I preferred them over the department store items... but although I buy drugstore brands, I make sure I buy the ones that offer really good quality.. I don't usually buy, just to buy based on fad... I make sure they are worth buying, if not, I return them.... that's another plus with buying drugstore products, you can always return....

but some time ago I realized that the drugstore makeup buying is starting to get a little too much! so I decided I'd start really investing on the 'real good stuff'... so I started buying high end brands, then next thing you know, I started to binge on MAC & SEPHORA brands items (Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Urban Decay, NARS, Tarte, Laura Mercier, YSL to name a few)... like serious binging to the point of spending up to $200 per transaction... which is a little too ridiculous for a broke ass like me... so again I thought, 'this had to stop!'... so I invented this thing called "self control"... uhh invent?!?!... ok well, at least re-introduced it to my self, coz when it comes to makeup, there really is no such thing to me... 

so I created this formula on Makeup Self Control

1.] Prioritize on things that are needed not wanted
          if you think you're only gonna use it once like the rest of the bright lipsticks in your drawer, then don't buy it...

2.] Review your stash
          if you already have a similar color as the one you are planning to buy, try to resist buying the Pink Friday that almost look like the Viva Glam Gaga or the Rimmel Pink Champagne or NYX' Pink Strawberry... they all look the same to a lot of people... I mean really, who's gonna be able to recognize the difference?? 

3.] Tell your self, 'It's just a craze! It'll soon go away!'
          it's almost like food craving which only lasts about 15 minutes(??).. if you can wait til then, the craving is forgotten... so if you can wait until all the new LE products are all sold out, that craving will go away.. it might be harder than food to get over, but you eventually will [perhaps when the new collection comes out??!? =) ]...  

4.] Is it really worth the price tag??
          before buying a ridiculously over priced item, ask your self this first, is it really worth it? I mean come on a lipstick for $30+ ??? (yes, I'm talking about you YSL!!! oh & you too Chanel!!!)

5.] Always put items on your wish list on a pair of scale
          review your wish list, (if you don't have one, make one!)... go down the list looking at two items at a time... weigh them out, using the hand gesture pretending your hands are a pair of scale helps a lot too! (LOL) pick only one of the two, which one would you rather have right now?? the lipstick?? or the blush?? put the item that you didn't choose back on the wish list... then put the next item on the list on the scale & weigh it with the item you just chose to buy over the other... repeat the steps... LOL
          this really helps before you go to a makeup store/counter especially if you have a few shades of the same eyeshadow or lipstick or blush that you wanna buy, you can weigh out which shade to buy first... this way when you're at the store you're not confused & end up buying more than you planned to buy...

and finally...

6.] Avoid temptation
          simply don't go to the mall... if you can't avoid the mall, just walk past the counters... don't go to Sephora or, or any other makeup online sites...

ok... I'm just BS'ing.. there's really no formulas, at least none of 'em apply to me... you'll soon realize that I actually defied everything on the formulas.... hahahaha

but what I really did was set some rules for my self... I decided to limit my self to only one or two items at the most... & I can only go as often as every other two weeks.... I started this in March so I have quite a few things to show you....

first up is...

Russian Red & Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipsticks

I've been wanting to get Russian Red for a while now so when I heard that they were releasing it in a LE collection [Wonder Woman] packaging, I knew instantly why I waited!! I just had to get it in this packaging!!

isn't it insane??? luv it!

then I also got the VG Gaga 2 lipstick... since I missed the first one, I know I had to get the second one... 

do I need these??? - naaahhh
do I have similar shades in my collection?? - yes!!
is it just a craze - definitely, especially the Gaga 2
am I gonna use it more than once?? - yes, probably twice!

I def defied all formulas on makeup self control.. but it was all worth it! =)

what have you defied these rules with lately??? 


  1. sayang you missed the Viva glam gaga 1, super nice nya promise! hehe tagal ko nang gusto si Russian Red pero meron pa naman akong MAC Red that I RARELY use so saka nalang siguro... pero ang cute ng WW packaging!!! waahh..

  2. I got both of those lipsticks at the CCO for only $10 each. But i agree with you about controlling ourselves with over spending on makeup we don't really need and end up not using as much, hence I have so many lipsticks that I've only used a few times. Thanks for the tips, will definitely remind myself with every craving ;-)

  3. @ Shopcoholic - oo nga! pero ok lang gurl kase I got the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday eh parang pareho lang ng kulay di ba??? LOL I just got the Russian Red dahil I want it in that packaging... haha.. kahit na hindi kelangan!! naku!! ang addiction talaga natin! hahaha

  4. @ sugarBear - awwww... u suck!! hahaha... can't believe they were at CCO!?!? sucks that the closest one to me is almost 2 hours away... =( thanks for stoppin by & showin some love!! =)


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