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Monday, January 25, 2010


oh poor poor blog!!

I'm so sorry if you feel like I've abandoned you, but I've just been really really busy with a lot of stuff... I promise I'm not slackin, I have some good reasons why I haven't been posting lately.... here's a little update on what I've been up to:
good reason #1 - there's been a lot of out-of-town trips lately
good reason #2 - I've been concentrating on selling my stuff on eBay to make a little bit of money
good reason #3 - I've just been spending time with my kids, Devean being in kindergarten & prepping Deion for preschool
good reason #4 - I'm lookin into going back to school.. I'm actually in the 'trying-to-figure-out-what-I-wanna-do' stage.... so if you have any good ideas on what career path to take, I am open for suggestions, coz clearly, I have no clue!!!
good reason #5 (& the most legit one) - P90X... yes! we are doin it again... this is our second attempt to this hardcore workout program... If you had the chance to read my very first blog post, you would see that it was almost exactly a year ago when we first tried doing the program... but obviously, we failed! we had let lazyness & lack of determination get in the way... but not this time!! I am really stickin to it... I really really wanna get fit & I admit, it's long been overdue... my youngest is turning 4 this year, I don't have an excuse to have a gut anymore... LOL... I decided to ask the manfriend to do it with me... then we happened to mention it to our friends & they were so interested... so we all decided to do it together, believing that if we push each other, we would make it to the end... we are by the way on our second week... BRING IT!!!

so as you can see, I've been really busy... will you forgive me?! I promise I'll try to make it up to you...

your Master

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  1. Every must take time for their life as you do, i liked your discussion, its good and sharable also.


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