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Friday, August 6, 2010


it's my friend Chuck's birthday tomorrow & we are headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia.... I realized that I always wear a dark colored nail polish whenever there's an event or whenever we go somewhere special... so to change it up a little, I decided to wear a different shade, still dark, but much lighter than what I used to always wear....

so for the NOTW,

Sally Hansen Base & Top Coat (base)
Orly Nail Lacquer - Blue Suede
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

it was actually a nice suede finish (semi-matte) but I wasn't feelin the matte-ish finish right now, so I applied a top coat over 2 coats of the nail polish.... what I forgot to do though was take a picture of the Blue Suede without the top coat....

taken hours later, after I did some stuff.... you can actually see marks & little scratches on them...

I'm not too crazy about this n/p... I'm thinkin about takin it back to the store... is that even allowed?? LOL

pictures from the Six Flags trip to follow if I ever get to copy the pictures...I am so not bringin a camera... I hate extra baggages at crowded places like theme parks... my friends bring their cameras anyway, so I'll just ask for copies... =)


  1. I think the color looks very interesting. Pretty blue tone :)

  2. loving this color =) ,, and yay a new post ,, uve been MIA =D glad ur back

  3. really cool blue... I like that, it's not the typical dark blue =)

  4. I love this color! I've been looking for it everywhere since i've seen OPI come out with something like this.Thank you!!! :)

  5. This reminds me of a cheapie nail polish I got from Walmart. Its from the brand Pure Ice and its called French Kiss. I really like the color, but really liked that it was under 2.00 for a bottle!!


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