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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have been droolin on TOMS shoes for a whhhhiiile now.... & I think I'm finally gonna get one (one, if I can control my self on buying more than one pair) very soon.... these shoes reminds me of those espadrilles that my mom used to wear with anything when I was a little kid.... it just goes with anything & I love that....

here are the colors that I have my eyes on... starting with the one I like the most - the white, to my very last option - which is the black

the other thing that really got my attention is their One for One program.... it's a project that they started to which involves every individual who purchases a pair of shoe to become a benefactor.... once you become a Tom's customer, you are also doing something really great to help people that are less fortunate.... how it works is that every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need... so basically, you're buying 2 pairs, for you & a child that needs it the most.... isn't that such a neat thing?! you're being stylish & helping others out at the same time...

for more information on this, go to TOMS.COM

which pair do you think I should get first?? the white, navy, red or the black pair???

do you own a pair?? what color do you have? how do you like them??


  1. I vote for black or white. They match with everything! I've tried these but they weren't too comfy to walk on cause it's thin..? Feels like there's no padding. Maybe it's just me..LOL.

  2. These are cute! I hear some girls talking about it over twitter. Love the black ones!

  3. It was meant to be that I found your blog because I was just thinking of blogging about TOMS! I think you should get the white ones (for now...) because you can wear them with pretty much anything! (:


  4. Toms remind me of Keds. Get the white if it's your favourite :)


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