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Friday, July 3, 2009


since my son started pre-K camp, I've been hitting up the store near their school - the Discount Mall... I know, I know!! but that's where I found the Red Cherry lashes so I don't care what people say... LOL... I've been goin there just to check out if I can find other stuff... & also, I just recently started selling stuff on ebay so I'm on the look out for cheap, cool stuff that I might be able to make money out of...

I didn't really find anything worth buying then selling... there are a lot of cute clothes but I don't think clothes will make that much profit if sold on ebay unless I get them in bulk/wholesale... so, I just picked up a few things, not things that I really have to get but did, just coz!

got some Stella(whatever the hell that brand is!!?) brushes, all I know is that they're cheap ass brushes & I might say they are good quality brushes...
from T to B
foundation brush for $0.99
eyeshadow/concealer brush $1.99from L to R
Bliss #15 falsies
Red Cherry #600 falsies
(both for $1.99 each...both are 100% human hair)
Stop Nail brush-on adhesive for false eyelashes in DARK $2.99

good deal eh?? til next girlaloos!!!

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