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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


so, I picked up my son from school today... he usually have a paper/art of some sort on his hand but not today... instead he had a bracelet on his wrist... so I asked why he didn't have any art stuff today & he said, "coz I made this bracelet for you.... because I love you!"... awwwww..... the feeling after that was awesome!!!!
I sported it everywhere, I had it on the whole day... I didn't care if people were lookin at me all weird... it was the best bracelet I've ever owned in my whole life...

after I picked up Devean from school, me & Nanay stopped by Longs drugstore which is now owned by CVS by the way... so whatever sale CVS is having, Longs have it too... I didn't get anything on sale however... I just got a face powder brush & a couple of NYX single eyeshadows in (from L to R) HIGHLIGHT & BROWN...

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