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Saturday, June 6, 2009


just a quick post before I start getting ready for tonight... we're havin' Davi's birthday celebration tonight instead of his actual birthday, which is on the 13th.... coz all of our friends are gonna be here, we're gonna be complete only this weekend, so my friend Michelle thought of just doin our thing this week....

I just really have to post this as I am soooooooo stoked on what I found today!! I went to one of the local discount malls here in town in desperation to find a big brown belt which I forgot to get at the mall & since the discount mall is just about a block or 2 from my house I just decided to go there real quick... well, I found some red cherry falsies there for $1.99! sweeeeet!!!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw them, I thought I was dreamin!! hahaha... okay so I'm over reacting, it's just that I never thought I would find them there or anywhere... so I picked up four different styles & one Bliss brand(?) not sure if this has good quality so I just got one to test it out... I got them in #42, #66, #99 & #600...I also picked up a couple of makeup brushes, it's the Stella France brand(?) one eyeshadow brush that I can use for blending or highlighting & one angle shadow brush that's perfect for putting shadows on the bottom lash line... it's a little bit flimsy though so we'll see how it does... I might wear one of the Red Cherry falsies tonight so just watch out for pictures from tonight's event... I better go coz I still have to do mah nails... see ya all laters!!

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